HVAC Hurricane Preparedness

HVAC Hurricane Preparedness Tips

“Batten Down the Hatches” is a nautical term from the days of sailing ships. It meant to prepare the ship for coming stormy weather; secure loose items and seal the hatches or openings against the crashing waves to keep the ship afloat. HVAC Hurricane Preparedness

This phrase may also be a good fit for the “hurricane preparedness plan” for your home. The time to begin preparing is now. Predicting the timing and intensity of hurricanes is difficult, but the chances of facing another tropical storm, hurricane, or major thunderstorm make planning both wise and prudent.

Once a storm threatens, people’s movements and buying activities become frantic, so prepare ahead of a storm is essential. This article focuses on preparations you can make to protect your HVAC system during storm events. This is only a piece of the puzzle, but NorthWind AC wants to help you keep your family safe and ready to recover quickly.

HVAC Hurricane Preparedness: Batten Down

A storm plan will consider at least three storm damage possibilities before the storm arrives: wind damage, flooding, and long-term power outages. A good HVAC plan will prepare for contingencies for all three areas.

HVAC Hurricane Preparedness: Recovery Plans

Recovery plans account for the same damage possibilities: wind damage, water damage, and power outages. It may be tempting to get that AC on as soon as possible, but be wise about your recovery process.

NorthWind AC will be here for you to help you prepare for the next storm and to recover once the storm has passed

Have Questions About HVAC Hurricane Preparedness?

Not sure where to start with HVAC Hurricane Preparedness? Northwind Air Conditioning and Heat can help you with getting your HVAC system ready for hurricane season. Contact us and get the answers you need.

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