northwindac 5 Reasons You May Need a 24 HR Emergency AC Repair Service

24 HR Emergency AC Repair

5 Reasons You May Need a 24 HR Emergency AC Repair Service

We have become so accustomed to air conditioning during the hot summer months that when the air conditioner is not working properly, we panic. A better approach is to recognize the causes of air conditioner failure and take steps to avoid failures when possible. Let’s look at the frequent causes of air conditioner failure.

1 Power Outages

A power outage might be the result of local or regional storms, or the result of problems with energy production and distribution. Without power, the air conditioner will not function. If air conditioning is necessary for your home due to the fragile health of a family member, consider a backup generator to ensure air conditioning continues except under devasting storm results.

2 Flipped Breaker

If sufficient power is supplied to the home but does not reach the air conditioner, check the circuit breaker that services the air conditioner. If it has been tripped, return the breaker to the ON position. If the breaker continues to trip, call a technician to explore the cause. NOTE, look for an additional safety feature—a circuit breaker on the furnace/air conditioner cabinet.

3 Dirty Filter

Yes, a dirty filter can interfere with the proper function of an air conditioner. When the filter completely clogs, it reduces the airflow that passes into the evaporator chamber (where cooling takes place). While air continues to circulate, the air is not as cool as desired. This places great stress on the entire system, so be sure to change the filter AT LEAST every three months.

4 Thermostat Maintenance

Think of the thermostat as the ON/OFF switch for your air conditioner. Make sure that the thermostat is set to the COOL position and the temperature setting is 3 to 5 degrees below room temperature. The thermostat sends a signal to the air conditioner; the signal is powered by a battery or batteries inside the thermostat. Change the battery at least once annually.

5 Mechanical or Electrical Problems

An HVAC system is a complex mixture of electrical and mechanical components. While there are only a few moving parts, coolant gas is constant during each cycle and heat is moving, either into or out of the conditioned space. All the movement is controlled by electrical sensors, switches, and controllers. The loss of any component—coolant gas, mechanical or electrical parts—will bring the air conditioning function to a halt. To prevent such failure, it is important to remember that:

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