6 Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

What is HVAC Maintenance?

Conscientious homeowners do everything possible to enhance and preserve their significant investment—the family castle. This might result in a do-it-yourself attitude, a reliance on the appropriate vendors, or a combination of both. This is especially true concerning HVAC maintenance; some HVAC maintenance tasks you can do yourself, and some will require skilled technicians.

Perhaps you schedule an annual preventative maintenance visit but do it by rote without knowing why. Perhaps you have not developed that habit and are wondering, “Why should I bother?” Here are six answers to this question that might make the decision clearer.

  1. Preventative maintenance has significant advantages and is well worth the money. Ignoring brakes or tire tread depth because it costs money is not a wise decision. These matters affect the safety and longevity of the use of vehicles, and delaying maintenance decisions is done at peril and inconvenience. Every HVAC system deserves the same consideration for the very same reasons; it preserves the benefits of the system for the family and the home.
  2. Manufacturers understand the importance of preventative maintenance for their products. Time and contaminants take their toll, but regular care can prevent some damage and undo yet more. Detecting small problems early can prevent the matter from spreading to other components.

    Manufacturers are aware of the statistical lifespan of their systems: they last about 15 to 20 years. They are also aware of the benefit of regular maintenance: it generally adds about 5 years of useful life to their systems. This benefits you, but it also benefits them; their systems gain a reputation of longevity—hopefully, it will result in replacing your system with another from the same maker.

  3. Homeowners gain significant information from a preventative maintenance visit. A technician can uncover the year the system was manufactured and perhaps information about when it was installed. Consistent maintenance will develop a record of repairs and potential for problems ahead.

    A technician can confirm information that you might have concerning energy consumption/utility costs. A good technician will know when the cost of a major repair comes too close to the cost of replacement.

  4. Preventative maintenance can lower utility bills by reducing system stress. Whenever an HVAC system is under stress, it accomplishes the desired tasks of heating and cooling, but it requires more energy and, therefore, more money to accomplish the tasks.
  5. Maintenance can improve indoor air quality and make a home healthier. It will, no doubt, include an air filter change. Air filters are key to removing airborne contaminants and making the air cleaner. The general order of the system gives a technician a good idea of air quality in the home. A recommendation for improvements might result, such as cleaning the ductwork.

    For natural gas systems, preventative maintenance is even more important. Every aspect of the supply, combustion, and exhaust of natural gas demands attention. The ignition mechanism and burner will be cleaned and inspected for damage. The heat exchanger and exhaust stack will be inspected for rust and weakness. No gas, either supply or exhaust, can be allowed to enter the home.

  6. Caring for the HVAC system will enhance comfort in every way. The functions of the system—heating, cooling, ventilation, and removing contaminants—are all aided when the system is cleaned and cared for. This also brings comfort to the budget—reducing repair costs and delaying replacement costs. All these things bring a greater peace of mind, and that is quite comforting.

Don’t Neglect Your HVAC Maintenance!

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