6 Indications it is Time for an HVAC Replacement

Six Indications it is Time for an HVAC Replacement

Nothing is quite as refreshing as walking in from sweltering summer heat and humidity to an air-conditioned room. The only thing that comes close is a dip in a pool or lake. Zillow reports that 96.7% of homes in Houston have air conditioning. On the other hand, it is very alarming and disappointing to walk into the same room, expecting AC, and experiencing no AC. This is a reminder that all mechanical systems, including cars, computers and appliances, do not last forever and become less serviceable over time. We have listed six signs that help you know your AC system needs to be replaced.

  1. According to Engergystar.gov, heat pumps and AC units over ten years old and furnaces over fifteen years, need to be evaluated by a professional HVAC contractor. The sure method of being surprised by a failed AC system is to ignore maintenance and assume since it is still working it is fine. The sure method of extending usefulness to this vital system is to give it some “tender loving care.”
  2. Frequent repairs or unexplained energy bill increases. If your system is already exhibiting signs of failure you can expect this to continue and get worse over time. Repairs are an early indication, so make plans and save for replacement rather than waiting for failure.
  3. New or increased operation noises. At nighttime, when all is relatively quiet, but you notice the AC is making a “funny noise” or is louder than before, it is an indication of component age and wear. Remember it makes more noise before it makes “no noise,” so call your HVAC professional and get some sleep.
  4. Uneven AC distribution. Central AC should distribute cool air throughout the living space. If a room or living space is not receiving adequate cool air, the system is not functioning properly. This will become extremely evident during an extreme temperature spike or heatwave. It might be an insulation problem or a duct problem, but it might indicate impending component failure.
  5. High Humidity. For your comfort, air conditioning should remove humidity from the air as well as cool the air. The water dripping from your unit or under your car AC once was water vapor. If your AC unit is running but you still feel “sticky,” it may indicate you need to replace the AC system.
  6. Independent evaluation. gov made a Home Energy Yardstickavailable to homeowners. If your yardstick evaluation score is below 5, it is an early warning signal to call your HVAC professional.

Good preventative maintenance, scheduled annually, extends the usefulness for your HVAC system and makes your professional HVAC contractor familiar with your system. If you experience these warning signs, make an appointment today.

Is It Time For an HVAC Replacement?

Don’t wait until you have to deal with a malfunctioning AC system to determine if it is time for an HVAC Replacement. Regular inspections help you to have functioning equipment in your home. If you need any furnace repair in Houston, heating installation, HVAC Replacement, or heating replacement in Houston, TX, contact us and get a solution.   

Is It Time For an HVAC Replacement?

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