AC Installation: The Story of An Everyday Air Conditioner

AC Installation

When a new house is constructed, the contractor makes sure to install the newest, best-performing air conditioner available at the time. No one installs an old, worn-out air conditioner in a new building. Whether top-of-the-line or a standard model, they represent cutting-edge technology to keep the space comfortable and healthy.

A technician ran a load calculation to properly size the unit for the newly constructed space. The homeowner takes possession of the house with the expectation of years of service without any problem. The AC blends into the background of life, just like running water and electrical service.

Proper Care

With a proper installation, an air conditioner will function well for years to come. However, the number of years of useful service is determined by regular care and maintenance. It is essential to establish a schedule of regular air filter changes; change the filter at least every three months. Another essential is an annual preventative maintenance inspection by a trusted technician.

Years of Service

Beyond the maintenance factor, air conditioner systems will typically function well for several years: fifteen years is a good benchmark to determine good performance. During every cooling season, the AC will initiate a cooling cycle 3 or more times per hour, depending on outside heat and other factors.

Thermostat sensors register an indoor temperature change, and the blower motor begins to move the entire volume of air in a home in about 2 minutes. The refrigerant gas is compressed and released in a range of between 200 to 400 psi. These systems are complex and require fairly precise tolerances for normal function. These tolerances are the reason maintenance is required.

Waning Years

Even the best technology and care cannot keep an AC system functioning forever. Years of active usage take their toll on electrical and mechanical parts. Indications that an air conditioner is losing efficiency include:

Knowing “It’s Time”

If a homeowner is paying attention, indicators of an air conditioning system reaching an end of service will be evident. This allows people to plan for a replacement since the replacement cost of such a system has an impact on most family budgets. Planning is preferred over experiencing a catastrophic failure at an inopportune time with a lengthy wait for parts and installation.

Expect the new system to using a different refrigerant (they change frequently), improved technology, and options that make a new system healthier and more convenient.  The cycle will begin again, with the best technology available to provide years of uninterrupted service.

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