AC Repairs – The Proverbial Four Letter Word

AC repair service Bellaire TX

Perhaps you are in a predicament where you have neglected to maintain your AC, or perhaps you have been meticulous about having this done. Whatever the surrounding circumstances, you sit in a position now where your AC is not working. You have gone to switch it on, and the normal humming of pleasure is replaced with a grating sound of disdain. The expected cool burst of heaven has been replaced with a single gust of warm air that has since dissipated into the surrounding environment. Your AC needs repairs, and fast. If you are to survive another brutal Texas summer day you need to seek out that professional who can provide you with AC repair service Bellaire TX.

 Northwind is the contractor who can aptly complete your repairs in record time, and at a price that won’t leave you sweating bullets.

Northwind – The Best By Far

 Northwind are not new to the industry, and have been around the block more than once. We saw our inception in 1998 as a family owned, and operated business, and continue to thrive is that same manner. We have always believed in long-term business relationships, and building partnerships with our customers that cannot be torn down.

We have a team of technicians on hand to cater to your requirements in any circumstance. The owners are not on the sidelines, and take a hands-on approach to servicing customers. Our staff are carefully screened, and background checked to ensure that the consultants we send into your home, we would just as easily allow into our own. We strive to keep our technicians up to date with the latest technology, and modern equipment, as well as techniques that will improve the service we provide to you. Certified, professional, honest, and full of the integrity that you deserve from a service provider.

The AC repair service Bellaire TX that you receive from us will rank at the top of your list, and you can rest-assured that we will deliver more than quality for your money.

AC repair service Bellaire, TX

Added Benefits and Services – The Icing on the Cake

Additional benefits and services are what attract our customers to take on services provided by us, our great customer service approach, honesty, and integrity is what keeps you coming back.

Yes, we offer the usual services of installations, maintenance, repairs and replacements but, our added services are what make us your jackpot in AC service providers. We offer preventive maintenance service packages that allow us to take responsibility for your AC equipment, always ensuring that it is working efficiently when you need it most. Services of all makes and models, free upfront quotations, indoor air quality evaluations, 10 years parts, and labor warranty, senior citizen discounts, and our 24/7 emergency services are just a few small ways that we thank you for your patronage.

Call Northwind Air Conditioning Heating and Mechanical Services Inc. today to experience what air conditioning is really all about. Cut out the hassle, and fuss, and stick with the name that is renowned for our service, and customer satisfaction. We provide AC repair service Bellaire TX that won’t leave you perspiring for too long. (713) 683-9474.