northwindac AC Repairs: You Never Want to Ignore the Signs

AC Repairs: You Never Want to Ignore the Signs

Don’t Put Off AC Repairs

Please, do not continue to use your air conditioner if you know it needs to be repaired. Consider these important reasons that AC Repairs should not be ignored.

Typical Air Conditioner Problems

While your HVAC system is complex and uses computer technology, rebooting the system by turning it off, waiting a few seconds, and turning it back on does not solve the problems.

Year-round Heat Pump Use

Modern HVAC systems use heat pump technology for both air conditioning AND heating. The refrigerant gas, mentioned above, moves heat from the air inside the home to the outside, for air conditioning. The same system moves what warm air it can find outside to the inside for heating. Usually, there is a backup heating system for those times when outside heat is hard to find.

This is important information for homeowners who consider waiting until the spring to fix an ailing air conditioner. While you might still have a heating source, a more energy-efficient source of heating is missing.

Ignored Problems Can Get Worse

If you have read this far, you understand that air conditioner problems are not fleeting glitches; they continue until addressed, usually by an HVAC technician. If the system is under stress and you continue to use it, you are inviting further problems, including the possibility of catastrophic failure. When that happens, instead of a minor repair, you may be facing a system replacement.

Also, repairing your air conditioner during the off-season makes sense; waiting until you desperately need the air conditioner is poor planning. Your AC technician will have more schedule availability now than waiting until the spring.

Have questions about AC Repairs, we can help!

Northwind Air Conditioning and Heat can help with AC Repairs and regularly scheduled HVAC System maintenance. Contact us and get the answers you need.

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