Air Conditioner Repair vs Replacement

Air Conditioner Repair vs Replacement – Which is Best

Since your HVAC system is aging (they all are), you will face a decision sometime in the future that determines if air conditioner repair is adequate or will you need to replace it. Most homeowners have inadequate information to help them make that decision.

Let us offer an analogy that will make it a little clearer. Consider your HVAC as a living creature, a pet of sorts. How you care for your HVAC will determine how long it will function and when it will need to be replaced. Let’s look at two scenarios:

An HVAC provides comfortable and healthy air for many years, but it requires maintenance and care, not unlike a pet. What type of care does an HVAC system need?

Consider a different scenario, with an HVAC being neglected without proper care.

Beyond this analogy, a few facts will help you make your decision.

  1. All HVAC systems will need to be replaced eventually, no matter how well you maintain them.
  2. An aging HVAC system will be less energy-efficient and cost more money to heat and cool your home.
  3. Heating and cooling technology are advancing quickly. A new system will reduce your utility payments each month and you will notice the difference.
  4. Refrigerant gases are responsible for moving heat in order to provide heating and cooling. Some refrigerant gases have been determined to be unfriendly to the environment. Their use has been discontinued and a few are no longer available. If your system uses an older refrigerant gas, this might necessitate replacing the system.
  5. New thermostat technology allows you to schedule regular temperature changes to improve comfort and reduce energy costs. SMART thermostats even connect to cell phones and allow temperature changes while on the go.
  6. Check with your HVAC profession concerning financial incentives from Federal, state, or local government agencies.

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