Beat The Texan Heat At Its Own Game

Northwind Air Conditioning, Heating

Whether you are in the market for an AC installation or you require a repair to your equipment it is in your best interest to seek out assistance from a professional company in the industry. Northwind has been providing quality service to the community for many years and with results that have always satisfied. We understand the importance of AC installation and repair Briargrove TX in protecting your investment and ensuring that it provides you with an enhanced performance for the duration of the expected lifespan. We are in business to help you experience all the benefits your AC has to offer. Protect yourself and your family from the power of the Texan sun and provide cool comfort in your home.

Faultless Installation Is The Key To Efficiency, Effectiveness and Performance

Installation is the basis on which the performance of your equipment will develop going forwards. Ensuring that your AC installation is carried out to the book will guarantee you that minor niggles and inefficiencies will be prevented. At Northwind we take pride in the manner in which we undertake any installation. We provide, meticulous, clean and efficient services that leave you with only the cool air in your home to remind you that we were ever there. Our professionally trained and certified technical team takes great care with your possessions and your home ensuring that no damage comes to any of it. Our housekeeping skills are a big part of who we are. Our service is not complete until your homes and equipment is dust free completely, leaving your with indoor air quality that will benefit your health and keep your utility costs at a minimum.

Reliable Repairs, Reputable Contractor

Repairs are not something anybody wants to undertake at the best of times let alone when you are forced into through unexpected breakdowns. There are instances where your fault could have been avoided, however, as is the nature of mechanical equipment and the moving parts, complete avoidance of repairs is impossible. If you own an AC there is one thing you can be sure of and that is the fact that AC repair will become a reality at some point so it is best to be prepared and ensure that your AC service provider is one who is able to cater for repairs as well. At Northwind we provide repairs that are reliable and affordable. We make use of high quality parts and materials and our workmanship is top class. We understand that repairs are not planned for and provide you with some peace of mind through our upfront pricing scheme. Our professionally trained technicians will evaluate your equipment and provide you with an estimate. Once the work is completed you are guaranteed that you won’t pay anything more than the price stipulated and that is a promise we make with a smile.

Call Northwind Air Conditioning, Heating & Mechanical Services Inc today for AC installation and repair Briargrove TX that will be your saving grace in the heat of the summer. We guarantee service delivery. We are honest in our undertakings and if truth be told we would much rather provide an alternative solution than carry out a repair that we know will make no difference. If our repairs can’t guarantee longevity and improved performance, we won’t take the task on. We are the reliable service provider the community has entrusted their comfort with and we won’t fail to deliver. Call now for AC installation and repair Briargrove TX that will keep the summer heat where it belongs, outside. (713) 683-9474.