Central Heating System Repair Tips

Does Your Central Heating System Need Repairs?

Your Central Heating System is talking to you. It is sending subtle messages about its future. However, since you do not diagnose and maintain mechanical systems, you may not be understanding the memos. After all, these systems have many parts and functions; it can be a little confusing.

Getting the message wrong can cost you, both in comfort and cash. Missing signs that your HVAC system needs to be repaired can lead to a poor running system (brrr), higher energy bills (argh), and maybe system failure (oh, no!). Here are some SOS signals your Central Heating System may be sending you, pleading for attention and help.

  1. If the furnace is loud or makes unusual noises, it is definitely trying to get your attention. The key indication is a change of any kind: it is louder than before or makes noises—squeals or bangs that are new. These sounds could be coming from a burner, from a blower bearing, or a restriction of airflow. This could still be a small problem, waiting to become a big problem.
  2. You were expecting hot air but are getting cold air. This is a clear sign that something is amiss; it is not a message you want to get when there is a winter chill is in the air. Tepid or cold air can be the result of any number of problems, from a tripped breaker or gas supply problem to a dirty filter or a heat pump that is frozen. Check the easy things—the service panel for a breaker and the condition of the filter. If the problem is not evident or you are not able to remedy the problem, call an HVAC professional immediately.
  3. The heating cycle runs longer than expected and you think it will never shut off. It could be a thermostat or a control sensor, so work with a professional to diagnose the problem and replace the faulty part.
  4. If the heating cycle runs a short time and compensates by running frequently, it is a cry for help, so listen. This problem could arise from a clogged filter, a faulty thermostat, or a host of other problems. It’s nothing that a properly trained professional can’t diagnose and repair, so give them a call, pronto!
  5. If your pilot light doesn’t stay lit, or if you cannot light it to start the heating season, the cause might be a clog in the fuel line, corrosion on the burner, or a thermocouple control problem.
  6. The trouble messages might be coming from the thermostat on the wall; it is the interface between the complicated system and the user (you). If you send a message by sliding the control to heat, and setting the desired temperature, but the message is not received, the trouble might be staring you in the face. Check the batteries first. If fresh batteries are not the problem, a professional can fix that issue very quickly. Besides, you might be very pleased with a new Smart thermostat with some awesome information and control options that can be accessed from your Smartphone.

At Northwind AC, we have been listening keenly to Central heating systems and interpreting messages for homeowners for many years. Better yet, we have the expertise to make the repairs in a timely manner to keep your home and family safe and comfortable. If your Central Heating System is calling for attention, give Northwind a call.

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Central Heating System Repair Tips

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