Charlotte A.

I’ve been in Houston for 13 years and only now feel like I have found an HVAC company I can trust. In the past 4 months I have had two occasions to call Northwind. Both times, my problems have been resolved quickly and at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend Northwind.

Last April, before the summer heat arrived, I decided it was time to deal with my kids’ rooms being too hot in both the summer and winter. Enough complaining and sleepless nights! Chris came to my house and diagnosed the problem very quickly. When we renovated our house7 years ago, my contractor’s HVAC company had installed a 5-ton blower with 4-ton chiller–incompatible units. Northwind presented me with several options, the most expensive being purchasing and installing the compatible chiller or blower, down to the least expensive, the slowing of the blower speed and adding an air return in each of the two bedrooms in question. Chris suggested that we start with the latter and see if that solved the problem before incurring a far greater expense. Problem solved! Kids’ rooms are much cooler now.

In September, mildew/mold appeared in two separate spots above the molding of my kitchen bookcases. An Indoor Environmental Consultant (i.e., Licensed Mold Inspector) recommended a Limited Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation Protocol and 2 Air & 1 Surface Samples. $855 later, he had absolutely no clue what was causing mold growth on my ceiling and advised me to get bids from mold remediation companies based on his protocol. Skeptical that the mold was the hazardous situation the mold inspector stated, I called Northwind to come check for an A/C airflow issue. It took Randy less than 5 minutes to diagnose the problem. There was a gaping hole above each bookcase through which you could see straight into the attic. You could feel the warm, humid air flowing into my air-conditioned kitchen. Randy suggested filling the gap with an expand-a-foam product and to use some bleach to kill the mold. Done and problem solved. Saved me thousands of dollars and a lot of mess and hassle. I sure wish I had called Northwind first!

Thank you, Chris & Randy!

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