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Cleaner Air in Northwest Houston & West Houston, TXAre you wondering how you can achieve Cleaner Air in Northwest Houston & West Houston, TX? The Perfect 16 is the only system that is rated a perfect MERV 16, the highest industry rating for whole-house air cleaning. It has the highest filtration efficiency for removing bacteria, pet allergens, mold spores, dust, pollen and other contaminants that can be detrimental to your health. The Perfect 16 is the perfect system for people who suffer from allergies, asthma or for people who just want to breathe healthier air and have a healthier lifestyle. Transform your house into a healthy home today!

New TRANE CleanEffects™–The cutting edge of cleanCleaner Air in Northwest Houston & West Houston, TX

Some call it a revolution. Some call it a breakthrough. We call it an essential new element to your home’s comfort system because TRANE CleanEffects can do what no other air filtration system can—remove up to 99.98% of the particles from your home’s filtered air..more



Air FiltersCleaner Air in Northwest Houston & West Houston, TX

If you currently have a standard, 1″ media filter mounted in your furnace, upgrade now to a Honeywell Whole-House Media Air Cleaner. It’s up to 40 times more efficient than traditional 1″ filters at removing airborne dust, pollen, and other contaminants. Media air cleaners maintain high airflow in your heating and cooling system so it functions at full efficiency.

Furnace Filters

A standard 1-inch furnace filter offers only limited capture of airborne particles and pollutants compared to the deep-pleated media filter found in a Honeywell Media Air Cleaner. Deep pleated filters take several square feet of filtration material and fold it over and over to provide several times the surface area of filtration material versus a standard 1-inch filter. The result is highly effective cleaning efficiency against even the smallest particles.

Cleaner Air in Northwest Houston & West Houston, TX



Clean air has never been easier.Cleaner Air in Northwest Houston & West Houston, TX

The Aprilaire® Media Air Cleaner (formerly Space-Gard®) is a silent, low-maintenance, inexpensive air filtration system. It utilizes a simple, remarkably effective HEPA-type filtering media that actually improves its particulate-capturing capability the longer it is used. For particles larger than five microns, efficiency reaches 99%. Even the smallest particles, as small as one micron, can be filtered out at 95% effectiveness. The high-density filter unit is attached to your existing heating or cooling system, where it captures pollutants from conditioned air before it is distributed to the rooms of your home.

How does a media air cleaner work?

Cleaner Air in Northwest Houston & West Houston, TX

Media air cleaners draw pollutants from the air through a first stage pre-filter to capture large particulate. This extends the life of the primary media filter, which uses a combination of technologies including straining, impaction, interception, and diffusion to strip submicron particles from the air. After adsorption filters may also be incorporated to eliminate or reduce odors.

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