Commercial AC Repair and Maintenance Tips

The Benefits of Regularly Scheduled Commercial AC Repair and Maintenance

Commercial AC systems often run long and hard throughout the long summer cooling season. Your staff depends upon air conditioning; productivity is affected when temperatures fall below or rise above expected thresholds. Your customers and guests depend upon air conditioning; if given a choice, they will choose to frequent comfortable environments.

Since your AC is working so hard, it is essential to properly maintain and care for it. The system is designed uniquely for your building, with the latest technology (when installed), and precision component parts. With this system, you should be able to maintain temperature and humidity within your facility with a great deal of accuracy. While this system is not delicate, it does require regular maintenance.

Change the Air Filters.

Air filters remove airborne particles with every heating and cooling cycle; they work very efficiently and clean the air. Eventually, enough of these particles are collected to clog the filter. Dirty filters reduce the amount of air that flows through the air conditioner, reducing efficiency by up to 15%.

The clogged filter will also allow dust and debris to bypass the filter and deposit on various mechanical and electrical parts, further reducing efficiency. Some filters are reusable; others are meant to be replaced. These filters should be either cleaned or replaced at least every three months.

Regular Professional Tune-ups.

Commercial air conditioners vary in technology and size and should be cared for by technicians. A technician with the proper training and equipment should inspect, test, and clean the component parts.

Admittedly, this description is simplistic, since the range of air conditioning systems is vast. However, it does demonstrate the complexity of systems and the need for professional Commercial AC Repair service. It also demonstrates the necessity of cleaning and testing your air conditioner system.

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Commercial AC Repair and Maintenance Tips

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