Commercial HVAC System Maintenance: How Humidity Affects IAQ

Commercial HVAC System Maintenance Tips

So many factors go into creating the perfect team thriving together in a great workplace. Personalities that gel, tasks assigned to the correct team, all the right equipment, a culture of communication, and a great office setting all work together, resulting in excellent productivity. None of these are achieved by accident! It takes hard work and dedication. It would be disappointing to have such an ideal situation marred by neglecting environmental settings, such as temperature and humidity.

Researchers and scientist experiment with variants that help people work together, to find combinations that increase efficiency in the workplace. One factor known to impact productivity is indoor air quality. OSHA acknowledges that an HVAC system is critical for good office indoor air quality. It also acknowledges that when HVAC systems function poorly, it distracts team members and hurts productivity. Good indoor air quality can be determined by several comfort factors: clean, fresh air at an agreeable temperature, and a pleasing relative humidity.

Personal preference varies so much so that a range of temperatures is considered ideal What are the accepted standards for good indoor air quality in an office space? According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), maintaining indoor humidity at approximately 50% and a temperature between 680 and 780 F is a very comfortable environment for sedentary work.

Achieving Good Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system should maintain these air quality standards with no problem, with a few caveats:

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Commercial HVAC System Maintenance: How Humidity Affects IAQ

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