Don’t Ignore These Signs When Your Air Conditioner is in Need of Repair

AC repair service in Briargrove, TX

Is the heat starting to rise in your home or does something sound off when your unit is running? When something isn’t right with your AC, it’s important to be able to identify there’s an issue quickly so that you can prevent further damage . In some cases, waiting can really add up to bigger problems, letting an issue that was a small part needing replacement escalate into a full replacement of the condenser, for example. Calling quickly can help you get a shorter repair done, rather than having to pay for a more difficult and expensive repair.

Northwind Air Conditioning, Heating & Mechanical Services is a Texas family business that’s been in operation since 1998. We offer fairly-priced and high quality AC repair service in Briargrove, TX. See if your AC is giving you the signal it’s time for a repair.

  • Unusual sounds. When you hear something beyond the normal sounds of your AC cycling on and off, this is a definite sign you need repair service. Bumping, banging, humming, buzzing, and clanking are all bad signs that won’t go away without a fix. Your AC could have snapped its condenser belt or have a loose part clanging around.
  • Uneven heating and cooling around the house. When you notice temperature variations from room to room, your AC could have a problem circulating air properly through vents. First, check if your vents are open and make sure there isn’t any furniture blocking them. If you still notice problems, your AC may have a fan that needs to be fixed or repaired in order to properly circulate air.
  • Your AC doesn’t seem to be cooling the house. When your AC is having trouble cooling the whole home or very little cool air seems to be reaching you, it could need a coolant recharge or have a leak. It’s also possible something inside isn’t working right. Have a professional take a look after you’ve made sure to replace your air filter.

AC repair service in Briargrove TX

  • Low air flow. When you put your hand over a vent and feel very little to no air coming out, there could be a fan blower problem. Make sure your unit is powered to “cool” on the thermostat and check your circuit breaker or fuse box. Also, check to see your air filter is clean, as blockages to air flow are often part of the problem.
  • The AC is running constantly. When your AC isn’t cycling on and off after reaching the thermostat temperature setting, there are usually a couple possible causes. One is that the AC was improperly sized for your home. If it’s too small to properly cool the home, it will have to run all the time just to try to keep up with the energy demands to cool down your house. This is going to cost big time when it comes to utility bills. If this isn’t a new situation, you may want to look into replacing your unit. If this just started, though, it’s a sign your AC is in need of repair service.

When it’s time to get your air conditioner working again, call Northwind Air Conditioning, Heating & Mechanical Services for AC repair service in Briargrove, TX at (713) 683-9474. Our family owned and operated business won’t upsell you or speed through work, we offer honest practices and quality work, every time. Check out our local reviews for some customer’s satisfied experiences with our work.