northwindac Energy-Efficient HVAC Tips for 2023

Energy-Efficient HVAC Tips for 2023

Energy-Efficient HVAC Tips for Homeowners

At first, it was heating one day and cooling the next, but now the cooling season has begun in earnest. The cooling season in Texas lasts long enough to really appreciate air conditioning, doesn’t it? There are even some days when the air conditioner could use a little boost. If you find yourself needing to assist your air conditioner, here are a few tips.

Change Your Air Filter. This is on even the most basic list because it is incredibly important; when the air filter clogs it makes your air conditioner work harder. The airflow is restricted, preventing the air from making contact with the supercooled evaporator. Change the filter every three months—sooner if needed.

Understand Solar Gain. We value natural light so much that sometimes we make real estate decisions based on its presence. However, the presence of natural light can also increase the temperature in your home by as much as 10 degrees. Blinds or drapes can block natural light during the hottest part of the day and bring back the light when desired. By closing the blinds between 10 am and 3 pm, you will block the harshest rays and keep your home cooler.

Appreciate your fans. On the thermostat, you will find two fan setting – ON and AUTO. In Houston, we recommend keeping the fan in AUTO mode. Leaving the fan in the ON position can increase humidity levels.

Don’t forget your ceiling fans. Again, ceiling fans have two settings, clockwise and counterclockwise. The summer setting is the counterclockwise rotation. This pushes air near the ceiling down and creates a breeze. Moving air does not cool the air, but it does evaporate the sweat on the skin, which feels cooler.

Produce Less Heat. Our home is filled with appliances that help us cook and clean, but they also produce a lot of heat.

Program Your Thermostat. Yes, only the oldest thermostats are analog, which means most likely your thermostat is programmable. With a little training, you can schedule changes in the temperature setting that will enhance the comfort of your home. Reducing the demand for air conditioning overnight and returning to the comfort settings as the family wakes up. This reduces the stress on your air conditioner and adds to the longevity of your system.

Maintain The System. An air conditioner is a complex mechanical/electrical appliance, and it requires maintenance. Schedule an annual inspection with your favorite HVAC professional to keep it functioning efficiently. The maintenance inspection thoroughly cleans the components, tests electrical parts for stress or failure, and ensures the coolant network is secure without leaks.

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