Five reasons to buy a new AC unit before pregnancy

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If you are planning to have a baby, it is critical that mom has an air conditioned home where she can escape the Texas heat. Dehydration can cause real harm to a healthy person, but to a developing fetus or a newborn, dehydration can spell disaster. An air conditioning installation in Hunter’s Creek Village, TX may seem like a big investment before trying for a baby, but it could save your baby’s life.

  • Dehydration can affect amniotic fluid levels.

The amniotic fluid is more than just a home for your new baby, it is also essential for early muscle and bone development as well as early motor function. The amniotic fluid also helps to regulate the baby’s temperature and develop healthy lungs. Reduced amniotic fluid levels caused by chronic dehydration can cause birth defects and motor impairment in newborns.

  • Dehydration can complicate breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding isn’t easy. Mom has to produce all of that milk herself and your new baby will be relying on it as it’s sole food source for quite a while. Not only does mom need to drink enough water to stay hydrated in the Texas heat, but she also needs to make up for all the water she is using to produce breast milk.

  • Dehydration and heat can cause fainting and dizziness.

Pregnancy can already be a difficult time and lightheadedness, dizziness and fainting can affect pregnant women who are healthy and hydrated. It can be disastrous to increase this risk through overheating and dehydration. After all, falling can hurt healthy people who aren’t pregnant, you certainly don’t want mom falling over unconscious. Not only is this dangerous to mom, but the baby growing inside her is vulnerable as well.

  • Dehydration and overheating can cause preterm labor.

Overheating and dehydration in later stages of pregnancy has been shown to correlate to preterm labor or irritable uterus contractions. But high temperatures at any stage of pregnancy can increase the risks of complications, preterm labor and even still births. Researchers in Brisbane, Australia collected data showing that elevated outdoor temperatures during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy correlated to increases in still births and birthing complications.

  • Dehydration can increase pregnancy constipation.

Most women experience constipation at some point during their pregnancy. This is because of changing hormones and the frequent prescription of iron supplements. Not only is it extremely painful, but it can also be dangerous to mom and the baby. When the body is dehydrated, the intestines will reabsorb water from the stool to protect itself. This can further constipation and cause painful cramps. Not what mom needs.

So needless to say, make sure that you or your partner drinks lots of water during pregnancy. Making a baby is thirsty work. But in the Texas summer heat, simply drinking water is not enough. You need to keep your house cool. If your old, rickety AC unit can’t get the job done right anymore, than it is time to schedule an air conditioning installation in Hunters Creek Village, TX.

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