Here’s Why It’s Important to Maintain Your AC Unit

AC maintenance service in Spring Branch, TX

The most important reason to maintain your unit is that it can save you money in the form of expensive repair bills, improved efficiency and extended life of your ac equipment. We understand that scheduling & paying for maintenance can make you feel like you’re wasting money but you are not! In fact. In the long run it saves you money by improving efficiency, extending the life of your ac & heating system and reducing the chance of an un-timely expensive breakdown during the hottest time of year. So let us tell you a little bit about how a semi-annual AC maintenance service in Spring Branch, TX can put your mind at ease and keep your home cool as well as some maintenance items you can do as a homeowner.

Things You Should Be Doing To Maintain Your Unit

The most important thing you as a homeowner can do to maintain your ac & heating system is change your filter monthly or every six months for those customers with 5” media filters. If you do not change your filter timely your ac system will have to work harder and not cool or heat your house as designed. Often AC & Heating contractors are called out for no cool or no heats to find the only problem was a dirty filter. Another item you can do as a homeowner that also causes poor performance is making sure your outdoor unit is free of restrictions like shrubbery and lint from a dryer vent. Lastly, you should make sure an HVAC tech is coming by twice a year to perform an AC maintenance service in Spring Branch, TX for you.

Why Should You Have Yearly Maintenance Performed?

Doing the tasks we just described, and having a licensed AC and Heating contractor maintain your unit will provide some very valuable benefits to you and your family besides just saving you money on potential repair costs. We’ll make sure that your ac and heating system operating properly and efficiently and make recommendations to keep your system working without unwanted breakdowns.

AC maintenance service in Spring Branch, TX

What Exactly Will We Do Though?

One of our experienced HVAC technicians will perform a thorough inspection, often in excess 20 items, during an AC maintenance service in Spring Branch, TX to ensure that it’s running efficiently and will continue to run the way. An HVAC technician undergoes many years of training and is licensed by State of Texas, including a background check. If you’re convinced that this is a wise investment and you’d like to have Northwind AC make a visit to your home or business, then please call us at (713) 683-9474.