HVAC Maintenance 4 Tips For Summer

HVAC Maintenance: Cooling Tips That Cost (Almost) Nothing

Most homeowners walk that narrow margin between seeking indoor comfort and saving money. With the long Texas Gulf Coast cooling season, people are looking for cost savings on utility bills that don’t include turning the AC off. Cooling costs also include maintenance, repair, and eventual replacement—yikes!!!

Northwind AC is offering some summer-time tips that significantly help with cooling costs without affecting the summer-time budget.

Clean Your AC System

This is a general principle—a clean tool is more efficient and lasts longer. You change the oil in vehicles, wash your clothes and clean your dishes, using the same principle. Change the air filter on your system at least every three months; more frequently if needed. This produces clean air circulating through the house, while a dirty filter restricts airflow. Check the outdoor condenser unit to ensure no leaves, grass clippings or debris are in contact with the exterior. Wash off the dirt that might accumulate on the fins with a garden hose.

Control “Natural Lighting”

Ambient lighting might have been an attractive feature when you decided to buy your house, but ambient lighting is also known as solar energy, heating up your rooms faster than you think. Remember that you control natural lighting with blinds and curtains. When no one is home to enjoy that natural light, close blinds, and curtains to assist the AC in cooling your home. Know the path of the summer sun around your house, opening and closing blinds strategically. Help your air conditioner operate better by keeping the harsh rays on the outside.

Program Your Thermostat

If your thermostat is analog, a new programmable or Smart thermostat is an inexpensive investment. Both will allow you to schedule your air conditioner to provide comfort that matches your schedule. If everyone leaves by 8 am and arrives again at 4 pm, turn the AC up 10 degrees until 3:30 pm and program it to cool the house to prepare a pleasant arrival. Simple programming such as this will result in measurable efficiency, and that means cost savings on the utility bill.

These three simple steps cost little or nothing, yet assist you in keeping your AC running longer and more efficiently, with greater home comfort. When you need assistance with repair or replacement, turn to Northwind AC.

Have Questions About HVAC Maintenance?

Adding an HVAC Maintenance plan for your home can significantly decrease your utility bills. Not sure where to start with your HVAC Maintenance? Northwind Air Conditioning and Heat can help you with your HVAC system upgrades contact us and get the answers you need.

HVAC Maintenance 4 Tip For Summer

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