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HVAC Maintenance: Scheduled Appointments

HVAC Maintenance: How Often Should You Schedule Service

While you have been enjoying the summer and taking in the comfort of air conditioning, your system has been working hard, beating back the heat and humidity. Depending on the outside temperature, the quality of the insulation envelope, and the strength of the AC system, your thermostat will call for several cooling cycles per hour, each cycle lasts for at least five minutes. Such a hard-working system does require occasional care and maintenance; air conditioner manufacturers and technicians call for an annual maintenance inspection and cleaning.

Air conditioner inspections are thorough and will focus attention on every key component. The visit will last approximately one hour unless repairs are required. Maintenance tasks include:

Completing an annual HVAC Maintenance has very distinctive advantages.

Cleaning an air conditioner—inside and out—also improves indoor air quality. An essential further step is to replace the air filter regularly, once every three months. Purchase four air filters and schedule reminders to prompt changes at regular intervals.

An annual HVAC Maintenance inspection usually avoids a sudden catastrophic failure that leaves occupants in the heat until repairs can be arranged. Maintenance can detect potential component failure early, allowing time to prepare for an expensive repair.

Like any mechanical system, air conditioners will eventually cease to function. Annual inspections monitor and prepare homeowners for the inevitable, allowing plenty of time to budget for a new system.

Annual HVAC Maintenance inspections push a struggling air conditioner toward efficiency. Making small corrections and repairs restores the system’s efficiency and improved efficiency lowers the energy needed to cool a home. Always, lower energy = lower energy cost.

If your air conditioner is still under warranty, a stipulation of AC warranties is annual maintenance inspections.

Finally, annual inspections lead to developing a relationship with a valued contracting firm. Technicians become familiar with the layout, make, and model of your HVAC system. They maintain records of repairs and replacements, efficiency metrics, and manufacturer’s data sheets for your HVAC system.

Fully appreciate the coolness and comfort of your air conditioner—it is a built-in benefit to your home. But make sure not to take your air conditioner for granted and keep it well-maintained.

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