Kumar R.

We had an acute problem with our A/c and heating due to faulty installation by builder (new home 2 years old only). Due to this our air quality was so bad with insulation particles coming from vents with musty smell and mold developing on the coil unit as the main drain line was installed in reverse gravity and so condensed water would not drain and would sit in the coil box.We were inhaling all this bad air for months as all the companies we contacted and came out had no clue and did not resolve our issue.We went thru so many A/c companies with no solution.Finally we got in touch with Northwind A/C Company and WOW we were so fortunate to have been working with Randy Burke and his team lead by Mario .They were so immaculate and knowledable that they diagnosed all the problems and made suggestions. Once we signed their contract their team came in together with Randy’s personal supervision and transformed the whole place by taking off all the faulty equipment including plenums, adding extra plenums, upsizing plenums, re-arranging all the ductwork for good air flow, installing a larger air filter cabinet to accommodate extra air flow into the unit and fitting a new coil equipment with splash guard and an inspection door.Both of which were not installed by the builder.Also the builder had not connected one of the return plenums back to the unit and thereby restricting air inflow into the unit. This was noticed by Randy and was made good with connection to the unit.After all this extensive work their team left leaving the place clean and immaculate.Since then we having been breathing good quality air and are extremely happy that we came across Northwind A/c and their Team of technicians and their office staff who were also very responsive and helpful.We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.
And once again a big Thank You to Northwind A/c Company.