Smart Thermostat: 4 Helpful Hints For Efficient Use

4 Things You Should Know About Your Smart Thermostat

For several decades, home heating and cooling systems (HVAC) were controlled by an analog thermostat, a round dial on the wall with three settings; Cool, Off, and Heat. When the indoor temperature fell below an inexact setting, the heat came on. In the summer, the control was reversed; the AC would come on until the temperature fell below an inexact setting. These systems were very inefficient and consumed large amounts of energy.

Advances in HVAC technological required more control options. This led to programmable thermostats, that offered improved savings and comfort. The newest upgrade in thermostat technology is a smart thermostat; not only is it programmable, but it has exceptional features that truly customize your home comfort. This article will help you make full use of your smart thermostat.

  1. Programming Priorities. Smart thermostats require programming, so take the time to learn to use it fully.
    1. Spend some time with the owner’s manual to take full advantage of all of its features. Download the control app onto mobile devices you might use, including smart speakers, phones, and tablets. Your HVAC professional can also help you with proper settings.
    2. Your smart thermostat has pre-installed set points, a starting point for your customization. Setpoints are adjustable temperature settings scheduled at the factory. They are totally adjustable, allowing you to schedule AC and heating to fit the pattern of your family. Is everyone up and out of the house by 7 am? Adjust the setpoints to increase the temp for AC/decrease the temp for heating during the 8 or so hours the house is vacant. Use the setpoints for sleep cycles and to adjust for a weekend over weekday needs.
    3. The hold feature programs a constant temperature over a set period of time. This allows for cost savings during a three-day weekend or a week-long vacation away.
    4. The phone app is extremely helpful for the times when the schedule changes. If you finish the work project two hours early you can cool the house on your way home. How cool is that!!!!
  2. Smart thermostats are much more precise than their analog counterparts. No more setting exaggerated temperatures to achieve the desired comfort level. Often blower motors have multiple speeds and more power to improve comfort and savings. Set the temperature and let it do its thing.
  3. If the setting and the temperature do not match, first, check the battery. Check the programming and try again. Does the thermostat receive direct sunlight or very close to a wall that does? Closing the blinds or curtains should help. Make sure the thermostat is not in close proximity to appliances or electronics that produce heat. A thermostat placed in the vicinity of a bathroom with shower or tub may also skew settings. Make sure the thermostat is not covered or too close to furniture. If all else fails, consult your HVAC professional.
  4. Since smart thermostats allow precise control, they can help you save money while making your home very comfortable.
    1. According to the Us Department of Energy, by changing your settings 5 to 7o for at least 8 hours, you will begin noticing the savings on your utility bill. Changing the settings regularly can reduce your bill by 10% or more.
    2. Most smart thermostats can also be programmed to provide detailed reports on energy use on a regular basis. This will give you insight into how much energy is consumed and how much money you are saving. Armed with this information, you can tweak your HVAC system use for savings and comfort.
    3. Some smart thermostats also have remote sensors strategically placed around the house to relay information to the controls. Not only can the thermostat adjust the AC or furnace, but it will alert you to the hot/cool spot.
    4. The newest smart thermostats are also programmed to “learn” about your energy usage and respond accordingly. They follow your preferences for heating and cooling and create an optimized schedule for maximized efficiency with very little input from the homeowner.

The most efficient HVAC systems need the best control system to ensure your investment is giving you the customized control you need for comfort and savings.

Thinking about installing a Smart Thermostat?

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Smart Thermostat: 4 Helpful Hints For Efficient Use

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