Summertime Preparation Starts with an AC Tune Up

AC Tune Up Maintenance For Summer Heat

Doing your part, you have an AC Tune Up regularly and change the air filter on schedule. Summer begins soon and the temps have already begun to climb. Expect your air conditioner to be put through its paces, keeping your family comfortable during the south Texas heat and humidity.

If you maintain the system well and your air conditioner still struggles to keep your home comfortable, give Northwind a call and ask about a whole-home energy audit.

An energy audit is a series of inspections and tests to determine how your home loses energy. The audit can determine which problems are causing the most energy loss and which solutions will result in the greatest energy gains.

Results will vary, but homeowners commonly save 5 to 30% on home heating and cooling costs. The energy audit will leave you with a comprehensive home energy report with a list of energy upgrades that are right for your home.

The audit begins outdoors. The goal is to ensure your home’s building envelope is also an energy blanket that keeps inside air inside and outside air outside. Every opening, large and small will be inspected for gaps.

The AC Tune Up audit technician will also consider energy efficiency in the attic.

A complete energy AC Tune Up audit will also examine appliances and lighting.

Of course, the age and efficiency of the HVAC system will be thoroughly examined and inspected. Several factors will be considered:

The last and most involved procedure is called a “blower test.” It involves specialized equipment and training but gives definitive results.

The energy audit will result in a comprehensive report that estimates how much energy is lost through the various problem areas. It will also analyze repair/replacement costs and give a detailed cost analysis for each solution. As the homeowner, you can make informed decisions about energy upgrades and understand how quickly the solutions will be paid for by cost savings.

Need help with your AC Tune Up Checklist?

Northwind Air Conditioning and Heat can help with AC Tune Up with regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance. Contact us and get the answers you need.

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