Try These Tips Before You Call for an AC Repair

AC repair service in Piney Point Village TX

If your air conditioner isn’t working, be sure to try this list of possible fixes before you call an HVAC technician. Here at Northwind Air Conditioning, Heating & Mechanical Services, we don’t want our customers to have to pay expensive repair fees if they can make a simple fix. If you might be able to solve the problem by trying a few simple steps, wouldn’t you give it a shot? We can help with AC repair service in Piney Point Village, TX if these strategies don’t solve the problem, but give them a try first.

Diagnose. First, try to narrow down the problem. Is there air coming out of the vents but it’s warm? Is the air conditioner not blowing air at all? Feel with your hand over a vent to check.

  • Check the power. This might seem like an obvious one, but power cords sometimes get bumped by an accidental nudge from the vacuum cleaner, the kids, or the family pet.
  • See if the circuit breaker or fuse went out. Sometimes, especially in older homes, running many appliances can cause the breaker to overload. Or, it could also be a similar cause to #2, where somebody accidentally flipped the power switch. First, make sure all your circuit breakers are on and flip the switches if needed.
  • Make sure your thermostat is set correctly. Your thermostat should be set on “cool”. If it’s on “fan-only” or “off”, we probably just solved your problem. Again, someone might have switched the setting and forgot.
  • Check your air filter. If it’s really clogged with dirt, your AC won’t be getting the airflow it needs to properly cool your home. Remember to switch your filter for a new one every month when running your AC continuously and contact us for air conditioning repair in Houston, TX.

AC repair service in Piney Point Village, TX

  • If your AC is still not circulating cool air after changing the filter, you’ll need to check the coils behind it. Turn your AC off first, then carefully remove the filter and clean dirt and dust built up on the coils.
  • Check if the outside compressor is turned on and connected.
  • See if the condenser pump pan is filled with water. Your AC will often automatically shut off if too much condensation builds up in your condenser pan so you don’t end up with water damage around the house from the water buildup. Simply empty it out and see if the AC will work after this step.
  • See if the belt on your AC is loose, damaged, or broken. This belt controls the fan operating your AC, so without it working, you won’t be able to get any cool air. Turn the system off and let any ice buildup melt around the AC. Then, either replace the belt yourself or call us to take over from here.

For over a decade, Northwind Air Conditioning, Heating & Mechanical Services has been helping area families with their heating and cooling needs. If you need help to get your AC working, give us a call today for AC repair service in Piney Point Village, TX at (713) 683-9474.