What AC Repairs You Should Make Now

AC Repairs Homeowners Need to Address Right Away

With fall fast approaching the cooling season will soon end. Your air conditioner has been a workhorse during the hottest part of the summer, but in the last month, some problems arose. Oh well! Can’t you put off the repairs until the spring since it will be dormant all winter? Well, that is a terrible idea.

First, if your HVAC system uses heat pump technology, the air conditioner components double as heating components. You will need those components to be repaired as soon as cool weather arrives. Second, if you put it off until the spring, chances are you will put repairs off until you need the air conditioner again. Yikes!!! Third, a lot of other people have done the same thing and the technicians will have a full schedule.

What AC Repairs You Should Make Now?

The cause of your AC problem might not be clear, but here are a few common problems that should be repaired ASAP.

A coolant leak should be repaired now. The major symptom of a coolant leak is the gradual warming of the air from the AC. Refrigerant gases have acronyms for names; R-32 and R-410a are examples. These gases are compressed, and the pressure is released suddenly into the cool air. If the closed system develops a leak, the advanced HVAC system becomes a glorified fan.

A typical HVAC system will use this same gas for heating and for moving cold in the house outdoors. Without this repair, the furnace can only use the most expensive method to heat your home. This needs to be repaired now.

Electronic control failure is also a common problem. The major symptom of this problem is a sudden loss of power to the HVAC system or some portion of the system. These parts receive constant stress, and it is not uncommon for them to fail. These controls also function for the furnace, so this is also a necessary repair.

Drainage problems will resurface. During the summer, the air conditioner removes a lot of humidity from the air to make your home comfortable. Debris and algae can develop in the evaporator chamber drain pan and clog the drain line. The drain pan will overflow and leak into the surrounding space; this can create a lot of water damage. Once the cooling season ends the leaking will stop. As soon as you turn the AC on in the spring the leaking will continue, so the drain pan, and line need to be cleaned.

General maintenance should not be put off. Maintenance visits include cleaning dust from the condenser coil outside. The purpose of the condenser coil is to release the heat from the refrigerant gas outside. This cooling must be done very quickly. Dust, pollen, and mold can clog the openings and restrict airflow. Failure to rapidly cool this gas can lead to catastrophic damage to the air conditioner. Maintenance will also clean the evaporator coil, allowing the refrigerant gas to exchange the cold into the air indoors. This helps your air conditioner work efficiently.

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