What to Do If Your Furnace Goes Out or Not Heating Well?

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While there are plenty of reasons your furnace should keep you warm throughout its lifespan, it only takes one reason for it to give up and leave you in the cold. We have gathered a list from experience as both, furnace users and the first furnace installation Houston, TX company people call when help is needed. It should cancel out each negative reason way before it activates.

Check your filter

When you have been taking the least care of the furnace when it’s idle, it is common to have left your heater’s filter to get quite dirty. Only when you want warmth, the first night of the chilly season, will you find that there is a problem. Avoid this in the future by regularly cleaning or replacing the filter. Take extra care not to damage the equipment while doing so. Feel free to give our team a call and we’ll be right there by your side to help.

Check your thermostat

The thermostat is a device that controls both the heating and cooling systems of your home. This happens when you have central heat and air conditioning installed, or maybe when you only have a furnace (applicable to homes without air). What this device does is that it checks the temperature of the room and compared it with the desired setting. Depending on whether the room is too cold or too warm, the thermostat controls the main HVAC system accordingly. It is a wise idea to check the setting of your thermostat thoroughly to make sure that it serves its intended purpose.

Check your attic’s light switch

There are often two separate light switches installed in each attic. One is set to control the lights in the attic and the other one controls the furnace itself. Many times a customer goes into the attic and accidently turns off the furnace switch. Our team are experts on furnace installation Houston, TX and even though we are used to solve more complex problems than this, believe us when we say that we’ve seen it all.

furnace installation Houston, TX

Furnace and firewood fire don’t mix

While there comes a time when you need to pull the romantic card from inside your sleeves, setting the fireplace on with firewood should not be the move you make. Fire from wood at the fireplace actually brings in drafts of cold air from the smallest of crevices around your house. The upward push given to hot air by the fire through the chimney leaves a huge space that can’t help but suck in the very cold you didn’t have the romantic moment outside for. You are better off leaving the real fire at the candle level and let the furnace handle the warmth requirement. An electric fire or a looping video of fire playing on a TV screen could work just as good, what matters is the warmth.

When the furnace just seems to never work the way you would rather have it, take it as a sign to call a furnace installation Houston, TX company on (713) 683-9474 for heating repair in Houston, and the warmth you need will be returned to your house in no time and we are the most recommended for heating service in Houston, TX.

PS: Get carbon monoxide detectors

There is never a dull moment when the holidays kick in and the house is warm from both the joyous laughter and the furnace keeping you comfortable until the levels of carbon monoxide get too high and make everyone sick. A simple addition of a handful of carbon monoxide detectors and alarms around the house will guarantee a safer holiday for you and your loved ones.