What to do when you run low on heat this winter

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The source of energy to use on your for heating is one factor to consider when you are planning on owning HVAC equipment. This is because there are many variables that affect your HVAC experience and they are typically governed by the type of energy you decide to use. These factors may include cost, efficiency, life span, safety and many others.

Gas as your energy source

There is quite a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with using gas as your energy source. On the issue of cost, gas is less expensive than using electricity. This is why most furnaces have gas as their primary source of energy. However, the initial investment in a gas system is steep compared to that of an electric system. The installation of a gas powered system is more complicated than that of electricity. A gas powered system also has a relatively low lifespan, which is around twenty years when used conservatively. Gas systems produce low traces of carbon monoxide; this makes gas-heat-source systems require regular maintenance. Should you ever think of moving from the gas option, the furnace replacement Houston, TX options should present as many options as you need.


Electricity as your energy source

Like their gas cousins, electrical systems also have pros and cons and it is up to the homeowner to choose what makes them comfortable. The buying price of an electric system is lower than that of the gas system and this makes the initial investment low. However operating an electrically powered system is more expensive than operating a gas powered system, and this should be taken into consideration.

Another advantage with electric systems is that they are less noisy and they have a lifespan which is very long, extending well into the thirty-year bracket. As long as you hate waiting for long installation processes you can choose an electricity-powered system because the installation process is faster when compared to one of a gas unit.

When it comes to maintaining an electric unit, you have to relax because an electric unit’s maintenance is straightforward and does not live on the homeowner stressing themselves. It is one of those systems that a homeowner can troubleshoot problems by themselves and maybe call a professional when the situation escalates. Electric heaters have less effects when the end result is to heat an entire house, many could be needed for that, and where installed, the heated elements pose a burning risk should anything come in contact with them.

Other factors to consider

When you find yourself in a dilemma, thinking about which energy source to use on your HVAC system, you can must consider variables like performance. Gas might be seen as a better performing energy source because with gas it takes a shorter time to achieve the desired temperature in and around the house. The final decision resides with the homeowner and their preferences, getting to know how your choice impacts your life before buying could also help make a more informed decision, and for that you can talk to our furnace replacement Houston, TX based consultants on +1 (713) 683-9474 today.