What You’re AC Really Needs From A Repair Service

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Northwind Air Conditioning is one of the best air conditioning companies in Houston, Texas has been providing outstanding customer service and AC repair service Briargrove TX since 1998. We are dedicated to providing our valued customers with outstanding service and state of the art products.

Based on the situation that you might be dealing with in regards to malfunctioning equipment, it may be cheaper to have your AC repaired- opposed to dishing out for a new system.

Our technicians are qualified to fix a variety of products and can provide insights into industry standards and practices. Our company has a strong commitment to providing our customers with exceptional service at a price they can afford.

Can My AC Unit Be Fixed?

Our staff members share our vision in providing our customers with the service they need, and we are ready to provide repair services to many different makes and models of AC Units. We have been in the business for years, and we are confident that if the AC unit can be fixed, we are the professionals capable of doing the job.

However, AC Units are a piece of technology, and like any other piece of technology, wear and tear will develop over time, and occasionally filters and other parts need to be replaced in order for the device to continues to function properly.

It may end up that there is nothing to be done that can fix the unit- in these cases, we have a wide variety of replacement options available to our clients. Rest assured- if it is something that can be fixed, we will do everything in our power to get it up and running for you in an agreeable amount of time.

We recommend changing your filter every now and then to prevent the buildup of particles and debris within the unit. This can prevent malfunctions, and increase the lifespan of your unit, which saves you money on replacement costs and allows the system to operate more efficiently, saving you money on your hydro bills.

If you are looking for AC repair service Briargrove TX consider Northwind your go-to company for all things AC and heat-related. Whether it’s a malfunctioning intake or simply a filter that needs to be changed, you can rest assured that we are qualified to service your devices. This could save you from dishing out on a new unit, and extend the life of your current unit by several years.

How Long Will it Take to Fix?

One of the first things we at Northwind concern ourselves with is the time it can sometimes take to repair certain components in AC systems. It is our commitment to you that we will repair your unit in the fastest time frame possible and have your home back to a comfortable temperature, quick as a whistle.

We’ve been in the industry for years. We know these units inside and out, and would be happy to assist you with any questions you might have about their operation, as well as offering tips and tricks that might save you a small fortune. If you are looking for AC repair service Briargrove TX give us a call to discuss different options available to you for fixing the issue.

So before you go out and buy a new Unit, Consider repairing the one you already have! Give us a call today at (713)-683-9474 or contact us for 24 hour AC repair in Houston. We look forward to hearing from you!