Heat Pump Repair Troubleshooting Guide

How to Troubleshoot Heat Pump Repair Issues

Heat pump heat is a little different in function and performance than natural gas or electric heat, so you might expect problems with a heat pump to be a little different. The heat sources for gas and electricity-powered systems are hotter than heat pump heat sources, increasing the amount of air needed to move the heat. Here are the top three Heat Pump Repair problems with wintertime use of a heat pump system.

Air Filter. Since a heat pump requires a greater amount of airflow, a clean air filter is even more important for proper function. With each heating cycle, airborne particles are collected on the air filter, and that is very good. However, when enough of these particles collect on the filter, they interfere with airflow, resulting in a cooler, less comfortable home.

Often, changing a clogged air filter makes a remarkable difference in comfort and, potentially, in performance. The filter should be changed every three months. Find a reminder prompt that encourages you to change the air filter.

Refrigerant Problems. The medium for heat transfer is a refrigerant contained in a network of tubes, moving heat from outdoors into the house. This gas is also responsible for the air conditioning function, transferring heat from the house to the outdoors. Problems that develop include:

Thermostat Problems. The thermostat is both a sensor and switch, calling for heat when the indoor temperature falls below a proscribed setting. The sensors are quite sensitive, so avoid changing the setting frequently.

It is best to “set it and forget it.” Often, the thermostat is ready to call for heat about the time someone turns up the heat. However, if the thermostat is set and the home is still cold, investigate these thermostat solutions.

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