High Energy Bill? Your AC Could Be In Need Of A Service

Like one’s dental hygiene is a systemic barometer of one’s overall health, so also can a utility bill be used to gauge whether all one’s appliances are still performing optimally. A common cause of high energy costs is an air conditioner in need of a service. Call us today for AC repair service Briargrove TX.

When suddenly and unceremoniously confronted with an unusually high utility bill, we tend to cycle through all five of Kübler-Ross’ stages of grief in quick succession.

First, there’s denial (“This can’t be right. The energy company must have made a mistake”). Then there’s anger (“Those crooked energy companies! Always trying to cheat us honest folk”). Next there’s bargaining (“I’ll talk to them. I’m sure we can come to some arrangement”), followed by depression (“Oh man. I’m totally not buying that Game of Thrones limited edition box set this month”) and finally acceptance (“Sigh. I guess I’ll just pay it. What else can I do?”).

Getting a high energy bill, to put it in scientific terms, stinks, especially when one hasn’t done anything to add to the load.

But an unusually high bill could be caused by an air conditioner in need of AC repair service Briargrove TX.

An air conditioner that is working properly and is regularly serviced should not have too much of an impact on energy costs. However, a system in need of maintenance will load the grid unnecessarily, leading to an increase in running costs and, consequently, the kind of bill that will make you go live in a cabin somewhere and shun electricity altogether.

The most common cause of an AC consuming more energy (i.e. being less efficient) is restricted airflow, which can be caused by one or more of the following underlying issues:

Dirty Filters

By far the easiest to remedy, dirty air filters are a major cause of air not being able to move through the system.

The filters are there to trap dirt and debris that could lower the air quality and even make us sick, trigger allergies, and so on. It is good practice to have these cleaned or replaced (you can do this yourself) at least once a month or so to keep the air moving freely.

Congested Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are responsible for turning the refrigerant (which was previously made into a gas by the evaporator system) back into a liquid, and in doing so releasing heat into the outside air. These coils can become dirty and congested over time, which will have the knock-on effect of reducing the system’s overall efficiency.

If you are noticing a marked difference in the air quality or temperature, this could signal problems with the condenser unit.

Dirty Or Damaged Ductwork

As with the filters and condenser, dirt can build up in the air conditioner’s ductwork over time, resulting in reduced efficiency. In addition, cracks and holes which could cause heat to leak out and a reduction in pressure will affect the AC’s performance and drive up those energy costs.

If your energy bill is unusually high and you have not done anything to add to the load, your air conditioner may be at the heart of the problem. Let our team of experts evaluate the system and provide you with an estimate for AC repair service Briargrove TX. Call us today at (713) 683-9474. You can also visit our Contact page for more ways to get in touch.