How to Install a New Air Conditioner at Your Home?

Knowing the correct time to change your air conditioning system is a challenging endeavor. It is difficult to either repair your old and less efficient AC unit or invest in a new air conditioning system. Suppose you are willing to opt for a new air conditioning system, in that case, this article will help you select the most appropriate air conditioning contractor for a new AC installation in Houston.

The Estimate of a New AC Installation 

Before selecting an air conditioning contractor for this project, we recommend you get up to speed with several cost estimates from reputable AC companies in Houston. The average cost for a new AC installation may range from $3500 to $8000. However, your final quotation will vary depending upon many factors, such as:

Upon arriving at your property, an AC contractor will perform a thorough inspection of your place and determine the appropriate size of the unit you need, for efficient heating and cooling of your home. You may need to upgrade the attic or crawl space insulation, reseal the doors and the windows, and make some minor repair works.

How to Find a Reliable Contractor for AC Installation in Houston? 

To improve your home comfort level, you need to find an AC contractor you can trust. Besides, you need a local professional who can get your job done quickly. When searching for local contractors, most homeowners ask family, friends, and neighbors for referrals.

North Wind Air Conditioning, Heating & Mechanical Services is one of the trusted names available to help you with dependable AC services.

We have a team of steadfast and experienced air conditioning contractors who have been through rigorous training before working on the field. We create a checklist before starting your project so that your complete AC installation in Houston can be done in a single visit without leaving any stone unturned. You can discuss it with our HVAC technicians if you have created your checklist while scheduling an appointment with them.

What is the Process of a New AC Installation in Houston?

Typically, upon arriving at your property for a new air conditioner installation, the team will begin preparing the work areas. They follow some simple steps to complete the installation project. These steps are:

Preparing the Flooring 

Before starting the project, the technicians will lay drop cloths or protecting paper to protect your flooring against any damage.

Removing the Old AC 

During a new installation, the technicians necessarily will remove the old system. They may cut the power to the AC unit and remove the unit’s refrigerant before they start disassembling the old unit.

Duct Repair 

If your home has existing ducts, the technicians will repair and replace them depending on your project’s scope.

Installing the New Unit 

The last step of the process is installing the new system in the old one. Depending upon the type of system you choose, the equipment may be installed both inside and outside.

North Wind Air Conditioning, Heating & Mechanical Services is one of the best AC companies in Houston can handle large home improvement projects and create a more comfortable and energy-efficient home. To learn more about your AC replacement project, talk to our HVAC technicians today. 

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