Benefits of Mini Split Ductless AC Units

Will a Mini Split Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems Work in Houston?

The word is getting out—there is an alternative to a central HVAC system. Mini-split ductless AC systems are common in Europe and Asia and are catching on in the United States.

Since they are not as common as central air conditioning, you might have questions and wonder whether they can handle the hot South Texas summers. At NorthWind AC, we want to keep you apprised of the latest Mini Split Ductless AC system technology and how it might meet your heating and cooling needs.

Mini Split Ductless AC System Components

Central heating/air conditioning employs a system of ducts that move air to and from a large mechanical system. The indoor mechanic unit is connected to an outdoor compressor unit or a heat pump. Air is conditioned (heated or cooled, filtered, and dehumidified) and circulated throughout the entire house.

A ductless system is missing the . . . well it is missing the ducts. An outdoor heat pump connects to individual air handlers; the heat pump can service up to 6 air handlers. Refrigerant lines connect the heat pump to the individual air handlers.

Generally, each room requires an individual air handler. The air handler is installed on the upper third of an exterior wall and a small opening is made for the indoor head. The indoor head is very quiet; all you hear is air movement.

Benefits of Mini Split AC Systems

Energy Efficiency

Ductless HVAC systems are very energy efficient. According to ENERGY STAR, heat pump technology can save families up to 30% on heating and cooling. Inverter technology allows mini split ductless systems to generate only the necessary amount of cooling or heating to maintain your desired temperature setting. If you are considering a ductless system, it is essential that your ductless system be customized for your spaces—it needs to be properly sized. Proper sizing is the key to comfort.

Zonal Comfort

Since each room has its own air handler, you can customize the delivery of heat and AC in each area or zone. Each room could be set at a different temperature according to preference. Rooms not in use might receive minimal AC. The result is customized comfort delivered directly to the desired zone.

Cleaner Air

Since there is no ductwork system, indoor pollutants are not circulated from other rooms with a ductless system. The individual air handlers have an air filter that needs to be changed regularly. Your HVAC professional can provide annual preventative maintenance visits to keep the system clean and in good repair.

And Did We Mention—No Ducts

Mini-split ductless systems are ideal for homes without existing ductwork. They provide the same comfort level as a central HVAC system without extensive ductwork. They are also a great option for remodels that include new additions or newly finished spaces.

If you have a central HVAC system but have a room or area that is not as comfortable as the rest of the home, a ductless unit can provide the comfort you desire without a major upsizing of your present system.

Ductless systems do not require major renovation or household disruption. They are easily installed and do not take up floor space or determine furniture placement.

The greatest advantage to a mini-split ductless system is that homeowners can customize heating and cooling throughout the house; it is not a “one size fits all.” Zoned comfort is truly luxurious. And it can be accomplished with cost savings and convenience.

Have Questions About Mini Split Ductless AC Systems?

Interested in learning more about Mini Split Ductless AC systems? Northwind Air Conditioning and Heat can help you answer your Mini Split Ductless AC questions. Contact us and get the answers you need.

Benefits of Mini Split Ductless AC Units

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