How To Have A Healthier AC

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The modern day AC unit that we have come to know and love has been around since 1902 invented by the wonderful Willis Carrier. But, now we have come a long way, and it has never been a more thrilling time to buy an AC unit due to the incredible technology that we now have.

No matter if you are needing an upgrade, or an AC system replacement in Spring Branch, TX or an Air Conditioning installation in Bunker Hill Village, TX our team at Northwind Air Conditioning Heating & Mechanical Services are here to serve you.

With Summer creeping back up on us there are various things that you could be doing to have a healthier AC in your home. Here are some tips we would like to share from our team of experts:

How old is too old?

What year did you buy your AC? Chances are that if your air conditioner starts to slow down after the 10 year mark you might be due for a replacement. Air conditioners are built to last for an average of 10 years and if your unit starts showing signs such as breaking down regularly (more than a few times a month), not releasing the same amount of airflow like it used to and an overall poorer use the signs of some serious problems will start to become bigger and bigger.

If you decide to not replace your worn out system you are potentially putting your home at risk. The continued use of an old machine has proven that it could release dangerous fumes through the ventilation system and increase the price of your energy bills. Replacement is expensive, but if your AC unit is at the end of it’s lifespan and there’s unfortunately no amount of repairing that could fix the problem in the long run.

Northwind AC and Heating

How much dust is around?

If you have a buildup of dust, debris or mold in your home you need to be aware that this could build up into your system and could cause your AC unit to not run smoothly like it was before. It’s dangerous to leave this unattended for a long period of time due to the risk of causing serious respiratory problems in your home and it could also be a reason for your AC unit to break down.

Check your filters

When necessary you should try to replace the filters in your AC unit. Spring is back in our lives! Although beautiful sometimes the pollen and other allergy-triggering issues can come into your home and without a proper filter you won’t be able to stop those unwanted articles from entering inside. Learn to manage the quality of your indoor air today.

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